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2019-20 VEX SEASON


VEX Tower Takeover is played on a 12'x 12' square field, with two (2) Alliances consisting of two (2) Teams each. The Red and Blue Alliance compete against each other in matches, in which the first fifteen (15) seconds is the Autonomous Period, and the rest of the one minute and forty five seconds (1:45) is the Driver Controlled Period.

The objective of the game is to score more points than the other Alliance by stacking more Cubes or placing more Cubes in the Towers.


In total, there are sixty-six (66) Cubes (22 Green, 22 Orange, and 22 Purple) on a Tower Takeover Field. There are also seven (7) Towers around the field, five (5) of which are neutral, and two (2) of which are alliance specific. Alliance specific Towers can only used by robots of the same alliance.

Cubes can either be placed in Towers or scored in Goals. When Cubes are placed into the Goal zones, they are worth at least 1 point, although their point value may change based off of how many cubes of that color have been placed into the Towers. When Cubes are placed or removed from Towers, the values of the cubes for both of the Alliances are changed, meaning one Robot could impact the score for not only their Alliance, but also their opposing Alliance.

The Alliance that scores the most points during the Autonomous Period is awarded 6 extra points, as well as 2 purple cubes, which can be introduced at any time during the Driver Control Period.

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