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Hello! We're TEC Tigers.


Please allow Wicomico County Robotics Club (WCRC) to introduce ourselves. We are part of US FIRST and VEX Robotics, which are non-profit organizations devoted to helping young people discover and develop a passion for science, technology, engineering, art, math (STEAM), and business. Both programs use robotics as the vehicle to engage students in the hands-on, mind-on creative process of technological innovation. In an effort to encourage local high school students in our community to pursue careers in science and engineering a robotics team was formed in Wicomico County during the later part of 2009.

Our team name is TEC Tigers, in honor of the old career and technology center in our county. The new career and technology center has provided our team with many resources that assists the team and keeps it functioning as a whole. The "TEC" part of our name comes from being part of the TEC Foundation, as the Wicomico TEC Hub.

As a NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility House Team, the club is very fortunate to work closely with engineers from NASA. WCRC greatly appreciates the relationships and supports that has formed from being a house team.

Our team consists of local high school students from Wicomico County Public High Schools. Through hands-on training, TEC Tigers promotes STEAM learning. Every year we build robots according to the year`s game requirements. Team members are challenged with building robots that require them to design, prototype, build and test a robot to compete in some or all aspects of the annual game. These robots compete in district, regional, and international competitions depending how far robots advance at each competition.

Coming up with funding to help the team with entry fees, parts, and travel expenses is never easy as the season can cost anywhere from $13,000 to $85,000 depending on travel expenses and if the team qualifies for the Championships. We are very thankful for our generous sponsors. The team welcomes any and all support: money, tools, raw materials, and even extra hands.

The team is always looking to recruit more members, mentors, and sponsors. If you are interested in joining or sponsoring the team or just want more information please send an e-mail to

Contact Us
Mr. and Mrs. Miles
Mr. Ayres
Mrs. Hatton
Mr. and Mrs. Mader
Mr. Glenn
Mr. Ames

Meet Our Mentors.



Team 3389 IS BORN

Team 3389 was founded in 2009 by Chris Thompson of Eastern Shore Robotics (now named Tec Hub) and David Lee Miles, an electronics teacher at a local high school.  He immediately sought the help of Mr. Steve Jenkins (Manufacturing Teacher) and Mrs. Jennifer Miles (Teaching Assistant). Mr. Rick Jones (Computer Repair Teacher), was recruited later after build season.


In late December, the Wicomico County robotics FRC team was established.  During the first season, a small group made up of 16 students came up with the team name Strikeforce. That year the team won two rookie awards at the worlds competition.



During FTC’s first year, team 10382 placed third in their qualifying competition, sending them to the state championships. 



And in 2018-2019 they won tournament champion at the Naval Academy Qualifier, the design award at two competitions, and qualified for the State Championships. VEX has also had tremendous success with teams making it to the World Championships in 2018 and 2019. 

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